About Begin

Founded in 2015, Begin is an end-to-end platform for building and deploying stable, fast, and feature-rich full-stack web apps.

At Begin, we’re leveraging decades of deep experience with the web platform and open source software to help developers make their work more resilient, efficient, and effective — whether at global scale or simply for the joy of creation.

Our work supports and empowers developers of all abilities to operate at a competitive level. Our HTML-first full stack web framework, Enhance, unlocks the power of HTML custom elements and web components to build web apps that are accessible, maintainable, and incredibly performant, without the thrash and brittleness found in many modern web frameorks.

When it comes time to ship your work, Begin Deploy enables effortless global deployment backed by industry leading infrastructure designed to keep your apps running at lightning speed (without concerns about runaway costs).

For those who love to work close to the metal, Architect and aws-lite deliver powerful tooling for working with Functional Web Apps and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our team

Portrait of Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux, Co-Founder

Brian LeRoux is a seasoned software engineer and advocate for web standards, known for his contributions to the JavaScript community and his work on serverless architectures. He co-founded Begin.com, a platform simplifying cloud functions deployment. Brian’s career is marked by a commitment to open-source projects and a passion for developing tools that enhance developer productivity and cloud infrastructure efficiency.

Portrait of Ryan Block

Ryan Block, Co-Founder

Ryan Block built his first web site nearly 30 years ago, and never really stopped. When he's not helping build Begin's deployment systems and open source projects, you might possibly find him climbing a rock.

Portrait of Kristofer Joseph

Kristofer Joseph, Co-Founder

Kristofer “kj” Joseph truly believes that the internet is the most powerful tool for bringing people together and raising our collective understanding. He has dedicated his career to building tools to enable people to share their dreams with the world.

Portrait of Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald, Head of Developer Experience

Simon has been building web applications since they were written using cgi-bin. He still has nightmares about those dark days and is dedicated to making tools better for today’s developers.

Portrait of Ryan Bethel

Ryan Bethel, Web Developer

Ryan Bethel is a self taught web developer. He wants to help others avoid the pitfalls he experienced. Having first learned heavy JavaScript frameworks, he is now passionate about simpler approaches that solve real world problems.

Portrait of Taylor Beseda

Taylor Beseda, Developer Experience Engineer

Taylor is a professional developer focused on web standards, system integration, cloud architectures, dev tooling, and communicating those ideas to other humans.

Portrait of Cole Peters

Cole Peters, Design Engineer

Cole has been working at the intersection of design and engineering on the web since 2008. His fascination with aesthetics, information, and function inform his love of using web standards to help people create meaning and value for themselves and others.


…Let’s Begin.

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